Jędrzej Świeżewski

In this talk, I will discuss how at Appsilon we have managed to assist wildlife conservationists in their efforts in central Africa. I will describe the challenges and share some treats of working with a real-world wildlife dataset. I will cover modelling results, and explain how our work was (and is being) used by the conservationists. I will argue that the skills of a data scientist can be of great assistance for domain experts and hence the data science community can contribute a great deal through AI for Good initiatives.

Speaker - Jędrzej Świeżewski

Jędrzej's current main focus is exploring computer vision. Both the applications of it in commercial and AI for Good domains, and probing the boundaries of the applicability of the tools involved to new domains. He has worked as a data science consultant for a few years. His background is in theoretical physics, where he got a PhD in quantum and classical general relativity.

In his free time Jędrzej enjoys skiing and ice skating.